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The Dartmouth Police Relief Association and the Dartmouth Police Athletic League are non-profit organizations that consist of full, part-time, and retired employees from the Dartmouth Police Department.
The now 100 members have been serving the membership and the local community for more than 45 years under the guidance of an elected Executive Board consisting of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant-At-Arms. The Executive Board is assisted by a 3 member elected Board of Directors. All members serve without compensation.
The Associations participate in fundraising events to help support local youth-based organizations and to provide funding for Dartmouth High School student scholarships for college-bound graduates. We also support various school programs which provide safe activities such as the “After Prom Party”. The Associations also provide for needy Dartmouth families during the holiday season and for needy senior citizens through out the year.
We also support the Dartmouth Police award winning Honor Guard by providing uniforms and transportation. The Honor Guard represents the Town Of Dartmouth and the Police Department at various events including local and regional parades, ceremonies and funerals.
One of the largest events the Relief Association sponsors is the annual family “Concert On The Green”. This event is held at the U-Mass Dartmouth outdoor theater and features professional national and local musical groups along with food, drinks and a whole lot more. This family event is open to all our supporters and the community at large and is our way of saying “Thank You” for your continued support.